Maximising Crop Profitability and Performance
through the application of sustainable, leading edge science

Our OptiYield® philosophy is built upon a universal approach to the entire cropping system and the full cropping cycle and aims not only to improve crop performance dramatically, but also improve sustainability, reduce fertiliser use and pollution and increase water use efficiency. OptiYield® breaks the marketable yield ceiling by delivering both top- and bottom-line revenue increases for farmers and growers.

Our goal is to combine soil, crop and computer science with best grower practice in order to achieve appreciable gains in crop yield, saleability and nutritional quality, whilst also diminishing grower risk.

Over the past 5 years our growers have been using our OptiYield system with considerable success in crops that include potatoes, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, onions, leeks and brassicas for which we have seen consistent increases in marketable yields from 10 to 25 percent as an average, providing substantial net profit increases for the majority of our clients.

Emerald is driven through three key areas:

Radical Soil Science

Develop techniques to separate novel bioactives from marine & coastal biomass sources.

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Continuous R&D

Optimize the production processes and formulation of novel active compounds for agricultural use.

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Unique Biotech Products

Glasshouse & Field trials of the bio-products on critical pathogens or as biostimulants for key crops.

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Customer Experiences

ERL Customers using OptiYield® have achieved reliable, increased yields and crop quality.

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