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10-25% Marketable yield increase per year

Delivering improved financial & environmental performance


OptiYield Performs

OptiYield Crop Health Improved Performance System is a web-based crop growth optimisation system.

OptiYield Drives

OptiYield is driven through software algorithms combining unique soil analysis methods with crop specific agronomics and novel biotechnology.

OptiYield Generates

OptiYield generates effective full-lifecycle crop programmes, utilising our library of unique bioactive products.

OptiYield Delivers

OptiYield delivers 10-30% marketable yield increases in high-value crops for our farmers & growers.
sugar beet

OptiYield Key Objectives

  1. Enable 50% reduction in Nitrogen & Phosphate fertiliser inputs
  2. Increase crop yields by 40% within 10 years without need for GMO
  3. Immediate drastic reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions
  4. Continue to improve crop resilience in an increasingly erratic climate
  5. Minimise need for synthetic fungicides within 5 years
  6. Eliminate need for soil applied synthetic pesticides
  7. Continue to improve crop quality and nutritional value
  8. Minimise crop waste through maximising marketable yield
  9. Build soil carbon and soil health
  10. Continue to develop better management tools for farmers & advisors